Chikan no Licence Episode 2 , English

Uploaded By Applepiee
  • Feb 26, 19
This is the Forbidden License! The bearer of this license is able to create a field within which any manner of indecent or immoral acts seem normal. It is the ultimate permit for licentiousness. Within the confines of a train car, the girls have nowhere to run. At the moment when their resistance dies, their despair changes to pleasure...



vctr's avatar vctr • 144 days ago
Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 251 days ago
Overall a great hentai. The animation was superb, the climax was nice, especially the face expressions. Overall a good 4/5. Well deserved, though we never got answer what the rape license was and how he got it. LOL
Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 251 days ago
What the hell? So they got fucked by a ghost? The end was really confusing. I suppose it was only their imagination since she was at that dude's grave. LOL, never knew ghost could fuck people. hahaha

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