Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Hentai Based site founded in 2013 where you can find the best Hentai Videos, Galleries, Flash Games, GIFs and comics that are connected throughout our well established community.

Where does all the media come from?
Everything that is available on the site is uploaded by the users of our community and come from various sources.

How can I participate in the community?
You can create an account which allows you to: upload media, comment, favorite, download videos, post on the forum & the list goes on.

I have very specific questions regarding Hentai Oppai, how do I contact you?
If the question is open for a public debate then we suggest starting a thread on the forum. You can also contact us privately by using our contact form.

How do I upload something?
You can use this page to upload your favorite hentai multimedia. Please refrain from uploading duplicate content and double check if the content is allowed by our rules. The main no-no's are: Beastality and Gore.

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