Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend Episode 4 , English

Uploaded By XG_Riin
  • Sep 24, 16
One night, Yuu Arahama’s girlfriend asks him to marry her. She’s great looking, has a nice personality, and is a passionate lover, but Yuu rejects her anyway. The problem is that he doesn’t see her as someone to love, just someone to make love to. She’s also not the only girl in his life. In fact, Yuu is juggling five beautiful girls who are also friends with benefits. When Yuu reveals this, the five girls get together to settle the issue once and for all. But instead of breaking up with him for sleeping around, Yuu’s girlfriends ask him to choose one of them. Yuu faces a tough choice. Each girlfriend has a different personality and look, and each could potentially make Yuu a happy husband. The girls decide to compete for him the best way they know how―with their bodies. But before Yuu can decide on a bride, he needs to be convinced that this whole marriage thing is right for him...



wyf's avatar wyf • 1032 days ago
no Chinese?
Loudkraren1's avatar Loudkraren1 • 1224 days ago
Where ep 1 ?
qwe8530's avatar qwe8530 • 1250 days ago
username01's avatar username01 • 1251 days ago

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