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How to Discipline a Shoplifting Girl - (FULL VERSION IN COMMENTS)

Uploaded By KRU
  • May 10, 17


KRU's avatar KRU • 154 days ago
Download here:
/ />
There will also be Games in our new Forum soon:
KRU's avatar KRU • 596 days ago
I'm not responsible for the kind of advertisement they put on and as I already said on my profile, I don't do this completely for free, some kind of small support is always apprecitated. Also waiting 5 seconds more for your download should't hurt you, really
MshLadeO's avatar MshLadeO • 704 days ago
This ya first day on the internet darklord? best to just play ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from browser, ya laptop/computer will last longer.
TheWeedMan's avatar TheWeedMan • 807 days ago
This game is translated only in the demonstration, are they going to translate it completely at some point? I would like very much..
KRU's avatar KRU • 815 days ago
Pro tip for you malware problem: Don´t click advertisements on the internet in general and keep you Widnows 10 Defender running. It´s always healty.

Also an .exe is for opening, not for extracting, but you´ll get older you might understand more about computers :)
TheDarkLord666's avatar TheDarkLord666 • 837 days ago
Oyi, KRU, thanks for uploading a .exe that can't be properly extracted, and for routing the downloads through malware-infested AdFly.
TheWeedMan's avatar TheWeedMan • 983 days ago
loot of thx, i will ;)
yowaddup's avatar yowaddup • 994 days ago
Hey KRU, I use the opener but it just kind of fast forwards it and I can't play at all. What do I do?
KRU's avatar KRU • 1008 days ago
Do not open the game with your browser,
Open it with the .swf player instead.
I linked the player ("Here Is The .swf Player I Use: OpenerDownload: /")

Once you have it, right click the "Mika-chan.swf" file and open it with the .swf player.

If you have any other questions, let me know and I will answer you ASAP! :)

TheWeedMan's avatar TheWeedMan • 1008 days ago
I downloaded it but when I open it with any browser it again downloads the file. How can I play it? :((

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