Mou Hasamazu ni wa Irarenai Hoshi ni Onegai Shitara Konna ni Okkiku Nacchatta! Episode 1 , English

Uploaded By hentai60fps
  • May 01, 19
Amano is a high school student who dies in an accident due to an alien crash. The alien in question takes possession of his body and resurrects it by modifying its measurements. He told her that he had come to Earth to monitor and study humans and that he could not really do anything for her until he saw Sugiuchi and Amano excited. The alien manipulates Amano's body and makes him start having sex with Sugiuchi. Based on Kaizuka's adult manga.



hentai60fps's avatar hentai60fps • 251 days ago
Yes! It's in 60FPS
Applepiee's avatar Applepiee  Administrator • 252 days ago
Is this fan-made processed to make it look like 60fps?

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