Mankitsu Happening

About a guy that started working in a manga shop since he got fired from his previous job. He has two girl co-workers that ends up in a hot twisted way.

Uploaded By Applepiee
  • Aug 06, 15


Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 372 days ago
Good ep. though I would expect we saw the president in action too. Next time I hope it's full harem for the guy without eyes. :P
kushowaty's avatar kushowaty • 481 days ago
KamikazeKarl's avatar KamikazeKarl • 1537 days ago
I can't find part 2
abdulgofur's avatar abdulgofur • 1710 days ago
ok powerpul suplay
Lazaretto's avatar Lazaretto • 1728 days ago
The last bit of this episode is by far the best....

DJMikasa's avatar DJMikasa • 1841 days ago
Myucel_Foraran's avatar Myucel_Foraran • 1847 days ago
I want part 4 badly.

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