Baka na Imouto Episode 2 , English

Uploaded By KRU
  • Jun 07, 16
Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!



KRU's avatar KRU • 993 days ago
I upload even more stuff in our forum, check it out!

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Look out for anything with "[KRU]" and you´re good to go :3
chisco1314's avatar chisco1314 • 1294 days ago
Ouma_Shou's avatar Ouma_Shou • 1298 days ago
Kaitri's avatar Kaitri • 1344 days ago
are those annoying girls really what weebs like? i couldnt stand her for 3 seconds lol
Fhilbert's avatar Fhilbert • 1347 days ago
Yey new one thanks men

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