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[Boogie] Cum Dumpster Tristana

Uploaded By sallen
  • Jul 04, 17


sallen's avatar sallen • 941 days ago

by pressing space you can trigger the end scene which will create a button at the top left corner to play again.
for the poopy, more, and best wife cheat, you can press space to enable and disable the stomach bulge. the best wife cheat is the only one without a return button which would be in the top right corner.
the bliss, vijounne, and shadow milf cheat exits the same way, with a button that appears after a few seconds in the top right corner.
the boogie cheat is a cheat that plays a clip of the creators other works in a mini music like video
HyFFh's avatar HyFFh • 949 days ago
how to continue?just plug again and again.....zz
sallen's avatar sallen • 953 days ago
(Press "Z" for Codes:More (or Yordel,), Poopy, Best Wife, Bliss, Vijounne, Shadow milf, Boogie

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