Bible Black - Episode 6


Uploaded By Toxic
  • Aug 09, 14

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Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 19 days ago
I knew this wasn't the end. That was spoiled by myself. Beside, the moment she said I have put a spell on you it was pretty obvious the demon had changed body.The dickhead, Minase, was too slow, Geez make a decision. I mean how much time can you use to decide if you are gonna save Imari or not. Also, there was no blood when he penetrated her. That's should make it pretty obvious that the demon is still intact.

Anyways, this was a good anime. The infamous Bible Black was a bit better than what I thought. Very solid and good plot and progression. The characters was nice and had a good developement, though I really found Minase very annoying and dumb. No OSTs, nothing to say there. The sex scenes and animation was good too. A lot variation in position and toys gave us a mix of many things. All in all, a good and solid hentai (anime). It really deserves a solid 7/9.
BlackTape's avatar BlackTape • 2015 days ago

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