Bible Black - Episode 5


Uploaded By Toxic
  • Aug 09, 14

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Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 101 days ago
Good to see there are some hentai with really good plot out there. I forgot to mentioned it's really cute that Minase has a poster of Imari in bikini in his room (at least it looks very alike). Shiraki is another crazy bitch. A typical kuudere. Either it's her or no one else. This anime is more dark than I thought. Never thought that I would see a guy fucking a girl while about to die. hahaha

Looks like this crazy bitch is about get her wish. I really wished that he himself fucked her sister, but oh well. This makes more sense. So he will probably sacrifice his sister and the class president for Imari and for the sake of the world. Only 1 ep. left. This is going to be interesting.

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