Discipline - Zero - Episode 2 - English


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  • Jul 19, 14

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Hentailicker94's avatar Hentailicker94 • 257 days ago
Interesting, though I liked the first part of Discipline better. The sex scenes were good. Otokawa was probably drugged here, but she is girl with a great sex lust. She not portrait like this in the beginning of Discipline ep. 1, which gives the series a plot-hole. She has almost no sex lusts and she is trying her best to hide them.But here you see in the first ep. she is enjoying herself with a sex toy. She may be drugged here with Leona, but nevertheless she has a strong sexual lust.

Anyway, interesting to see that it's not confirmed that she lost her virginity when she was abused here. I guess Hayami is the lucky man to do that after all if I am not wrong. Although the series was very short, this was definitely better than Discipline. Discipline had potential, but from ep. 4 they ruined it totally. The only sad part is that we didn't see an ep. with the nurse that were turned into a slut. I would totally like to see how that happened. I dunno her name, but there were a nurse that helped the Otokawa group to escape with a secret book with names. A decent 5/9 is a fair score.

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