Bl4Cc4t 171 days ago

Hey everyone.

Today we r
Starting off with Ko Ko Ro

You can download it from Mega.
This one is not on Nyaa, since it is in fact an upscale which is against the rules.

Next up is Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera!

The main series was already done by EROBEAT, but the bonus scenes were left out. So we did them!

We reuploaded the original series on Nyaa, but you can of course also stream it here.

Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera (Bonus Scenes)

These two bonus episodes never got the treatment they deserve. Thanks to galan_rus, who provides us with high quality raws, we can share these with you!


And lastly, Resort Boin - Game Scene

This one is a bit special: it is a fan made game, compiled into a video (by usemehenww).

As you can tell, it is from the very popular series Resort Boin, which is also available on here:

This special features the very beautiful Kuouzumiaiginsusutakeizumonokamimeichoujin Mika (). Get it on Nyaa or stream it here.

Btw, this is not encoded in Hi10P, that’s a naming error on our side. Sorry for the confusion.


And that’s all folks!

Applepiee 226 days ago

A mysterious disappearance of a young girl leaves our protagonist to pick up the pieces. In order to fight a demon, he has to acquire power in a very "special" way. ;)

Enjoy our latest release by streaming it on our website, our by visiting our release page on

Update: Version 2 has been released which fixes the subtitle font. Click on the nya link above to download.


Applepiee 226 days ago

Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen released in one pack!
You can watch it by searching "Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen" in the search bar on top, or by downloading it from our officially supported .


Applepiee 615 days ago

A little older hentai that wasn't translated before, hope you guys enjoy it!

Applepiee 631 days ago

Sorry it's been a while guys! I can't believe it's almost been half a year. Some of the group members were busy with life (including myself!) and thus most of our planned releases were delayed again.. and again.. and again.

Shin Ruriiro no Yuki is the perfect "vanilla" hentai if you're into ghosts and a little mystery. I'd like to thank the sub group "Waku" as it has been used as a reference for the first episodes. You can watch them in our stream by clicking on the picture below!

Shin ruriiro no yuki screenshot

Applepiee 753 days ago

Yet another doujin translation! (C90) [Inuyoukan (Agetama)] Seitenshi-sama Oshinobi Sex (BLACK BULLET)

Applepiee 800 days ago

Xenogears has once more another sequel for Seraphic Gate, and so we have translated it. Seraphic Gate 4 features some tentacle action, tight latex, and more. To view our translated version, click on the image below.

Applepiee 806 days ago

If you're interested in a hentai that has a spicy story then Implicity will definitely be worth checking out!


Applepiee 811 days ago

It's been a while since we posted an update, but that doesn't mean that we stopped working. This week we will release 4 episodes and two additional series are being working on.

OppaiSubs has also started translating manga and have already finished one! Seiteki Chishiki no Nai Kakkoii-san o Gomakashite Musekinin Ecchi Suru Kanji desu is the name of the translated manga and you can read it by clicking on the picture below!

As we're now also translating Doujin, we could use a good photoshop editor to speed things up by editing the translations into the balloons.

Seiteki Chishiki no Nai Kakkoii-san o Gomakashite Musekinin Ecchi Suru Kanji desu English

See you soon!

Applepiee 868 days ago

A corrupted heart has secrets that will be revealed no matter what. Enjoy the second and last episode of Ko Ko Ro!


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