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[ GaussianFracture] Iron Giant Whisper

Uploaded By sallen
  • Jul 04, 17


SweetCandy's avatar SweetCandy • 48 days ago
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sallen's avatar sallen • 1104 days ago

There are many ways to download an SWF. not sure how to do it if you are on a mac (im sure there is a way, you just haft to look it up) but I use an extension for downloading videos and SWF files on windows called Flash Video downloader />
Kirinfour's avatar Kirinfour • 1116 days ago
Hey sallen,

is it possible to download this beautiful game? I would really appreciate it!
sallen's avatar sallen • 1154 days ago

don't click on the screen and let the opening credits roll thorugh, then it will take you to a screen that says play whisper and a blank text box. type into the blank text box with the passwords below and then press play after you have entered the passwords that you want.
darklion666's avatar darklion666 • 1161 days ago
how to enter the dressing password and breast size and background?
sallen's avatar sallen • 1166 days ago
Character passwords: "annie", "flexible", "airbender", "phantom", "umbrella", "mandark", "impossible", "huntsman", "dragonball", "blondie", "redhead", "brunette", "biocock", "spinkick", "thunderwhip", "fengshui", "spinningbeat", "wombraider", "rainingblood", "succubus", "isabella", "witchblade", "dinocrisis", "ghostbusters", "wasp", "donuts", "evangelion", "starless", "meowth", "teacher"

Dressing Passwords: "marryme", "swimsuit", "stockings", "bondagelove", "nude", "bunnygirl", "annie", "flexible", "airbender", "phantom", "umbrella", "mandark", "impossible", "huntsman", "dragonball", "blondie", "redhead", "brunette", "biocock", "spinkick", "thunderwhip", "fengshui", "spinningbeat", "wombraider", "rainingblood", "succubus", "isabella", "witchblade", "dinocrisis", "ghostbusters", "wasp", "donuts", "evangelion", "starless", "meowth", "teacher"

Breast size Passwords: "normal", "double d", "expansion"

Background Passwords: "bedroom", "hotel", "redlight", "girly", "nightynight"

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