Yokujou Bazooka: The Animation Episode 1 , English

Uploaded By Applepiee
  • May 22, 15
ased on the adult manga by Taropun. A boy that discovered a special magic mirror that can connect him with the vagina of any girl he wants. He uses the magic mirror to secretly grope, lick, and fuck girls from his class.



Hentailover900's avatar Hentailover900 • 385 days ago
Awesome I wish I had that mirror
KERWIN's avatar KERWIN • 578 days ago
Its amazing.
Ntrollerblades's avatar Ntrollerblades • 633 days ago
I wish I had that mirror so I could do it to all my friends that are girls
WhatDefek's avatar WhatDefek • 787 days ago
masterhokage's avatar masterhokage • 869 days ago
love it
HentaiAddict64's avatar HentaiAddict64 • 1461 days ago
Interesting, I love it!

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