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Applepiee  Administrator • 1146 days ago
Hey NarutoBR, we appreciate your efford in uploading Hentai Games. But we have since today disabled the 'private' feature and so have changed all your games and future games to the public.
hundefan • 1146 days ago
Hey man! Can you make your games public pls? If not can you add me as friend so i can play?
guest531974 • 1147 days ago
thanks. make ur games public pls so we can play.
wisper9 • 1147 days ago
i cant nid plat your game...
sim408 • 1147 days ago
paprika • 1147 days ago
Oxob • 1148 days ago
Ahrilover666 • 1148 days ago
hundefan • 1148 days ago
Why cant i play your games?
ditvaoloz • 1149 days ago
How can i play your game? :(

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