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KRU • 133 days ago
Never been more happy about my decision to learn japanese, this game alone would have been worth it.

DLSite is currently crowdfunding a side by side translation with the developers over at
/ />
If you're not convinced play the demo version here
/ />
KRU • 134 days ago
this is uhhhhh

People, we might move... again
Applepiee  Administrator • 137 days ago
Forgot to mention the link: />
Applepiee  Administrator • 137 days ago
Hi KRU! We now have a new forum, sorry for the wait!
KRU • 148 days ago
Better Blog Version:
KRU • 152 days ago
Still sad that the HC forum is down :c
KRU • 202 days ago
Request Post #1 just got completed!
You can request the games you want me to upload here :3
KRU • 241 days ago
A completely new batch of games is done!
/ />
KRU • 260 days ago
I've got a new blog for posts:

KRU • 450 days ago
The Forum is down right now due to excessive spam.
I can't really transfer my post to anywhere else and don't really want to start my own blog or sth, but I might do so if I can find a good and free website for it.
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