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AlexandraDJ • 1728 days ago
Update-ish: Almost finished getting the screenshots for If My Heart Had Wings. There are a lot so I'll probably upload each heroine in a different folder. This will be done after New Year (around 6th-7th January).

Happy Christmas everybody!
AlexandraDJ • 1762 days ago
So, someone messaged me and said that he/she was afraid that I may not read it because I said I was inactive, so I think I need to clarify something (for the few people that reads this wall).

Currently I'm spending some time with my family, and of course it means I have very few moments when I could come check this web-page, and much less to screen-shot the pictures I plan to upload from their games. But I do still check the profile/inbox/recent updates at night when I'm alone before bed-time, so feel free to comment or question anything, I'll still read it (and hopefully answer it)!

Gonna give you a heads up on stuff I want to upload, so you can expect my return:
-Eroge! H and games make sexy games! (not including the loli route, as it may be considered child pornography, even though she's an adult I'm not risking the ban)
-If My Heart Had Wings (same as above)
-Koihime Musou! (will take a long time to get every picture)
-My girlfriend is the President!
-Sakura Fantasy&Swim Club
AlexandraDJ • 1796 days ago
I'm kinda inactive, I know. But I'm still here, doing stuff IRL and checking from time to time. For the inconveniences (?) I uploaded what I think are the best pictures (up to date) of my favourite Hentai Artist out there: RiceGnat. If you also like these pictures, make sure to check out his/her (not sure, really) official page on MedicalWhiskey!
AlexandraDJ • 1808 days ago
Some more CG for you guys! This time is the somewhat popular HuniePop (or Hunie Pop, I'm not sure on the spelling). It's not a Visual Novel, but definitely is a "must play" for the Hentai Games lovers. In this game, pretty much a dating simulator, the player must speak with different girls and date them in order to get better at it. "Plot", right? The most notable part of the game are the Dates themselves: they consist in games of "match 3-of-a-kind-tokens" with limited amount of moves. Unlocking and using items to help them, the players must reach an amount of affection points for the date to be successful. After 4/5 successful dates, if the last one is done during night-time... a sex minigame (just like the dates, but with unlimited moves and the affection decays over time) happens. After successful games, sometimes the girl rewards the player with photos of herself, and after the sex minigame we are rewarded with the after-math ;)
AlexandraDJ • 1812 days ago
Okay! Next album available: Nekopara! (volume 1, as there seems to be plans for the developers to release more volumes of the story in the future). This time I bring you some nice Nekomimis, or Neko-Girls, which honestly are not only cute, but also when you get to know them more (in the game)... I just fell in love :3

Unfortunately, the game was released with a mosaic censorship in the H-scenes, so it's been impossible for me to find any uncensored/decensored version (and believe me, I have searched for that. A LOT). Also I probably should mention that in-game the scenes are animated, while I just got the "still pictures", so if any of you have the chance to read this Visual Novel, I recommend you to do it. Even if just for the Hentai e.e

IMPORTANT: the game declared the girls are barely adults if you convert their cat-years into human-years, so it's not under-age porn nor Lolis. It all legal guys! I promise!
AlexandraDJ • 1815 days ago
Have any suggestion or request on CG from a specific Visual Novel? Don't be afraid to ask, I'll do what I can to provide it! And the sooner the better, because it will take some time and I'm already gathering CG from the games I've already played...

However I reserve myself the right to refuse/postpone any request that I consider impossible (like asking for uncensored version of a game that has been censored since release), trolling, and/or disgusting (Not everyone has the same likings. I for example despise furries, so that's a no-no). You suggest, and I'll tell you if it's accepted or not :)
AlexandraDJ • 1815 days ago
Album uploaded! Fate/Stay Night CG from the very origin where it all started: The Visual Novel. Keep in mind it's pretty old (2004 lol), it's meant to be a background image (not the focus... that should be the text normally displayed on top of the picture), and it was done for a story where sex is done under the necessity, and thus scarce, not for a nukige. Nonetheless, I have gathered the pictures of the 3 different routes, each of which is the same story, but with different events (choices matter sometimes, huh?).

These scenes are not rapes nor foced sex, the pain expressions are done to exaggerate the feeling of pain upon losing their virginity. You know, to help you make the mental picture while you're reading... And no, it's not a Harem. Each girl is engaged in a different version of the story, never in the same "universe"
Spanish_Knight • 1817 days ago
Hello! First of all, thanks for sharing your images with all of us! Fapping is love, fapping is life :) i will check that game, but actually, i'm playing Bonecraft, another porn game, but it's not hentai. Anyway, it's a funny game, just a sexual parody of warcraft and starcraft
AlexandraDJ • 1817 days ago
First "official" album uploaded! (my first project will have to wait until I fix some stuff going on in my PC) It corresponds to the Event CG shown in the game "Sexy Demon Transformation", which you can find on MangaGamer (and other places if you know where and how to search... *wink wink*).

On these kind of Albums I will stick to the "sexy time" CG, and I will get every single different image I can (avoiding scat and watersports when I need to, which thankfully is not often). The Uploader seems to get the images in random order, not the order I put them on, so CGs will be mixed. You may think they are equal to each other, but I promise there is always a difference, even if it's the slightest. Also I will avoid "buttons" and "arrows" as much as I can, which probably will mean some pics are gonna be a bit shorter than in the original game (which doesn't change that much, honestly). Keep in mind I'm screenshot-ting, I'm not a lazy as to copy-paste from other sites. I get my own stuff
AlexandraDJ • 1817 days ago
So, since I cannot seem to be able to comment on my albums, or to put a description at all, I've decided to communicate whatever I feel like sharing, whatever I want to say, through this wall. If people read it, they will know what to expect. If they don't... I hope they fap a lot with the images. Knowledge is just a plus, right? :)
  • About me: Failed roleplayer long ago, back in action after getting some free time to spare. This time I'll focus just on pictures, so no RP requests or questions about my past experiences please :)
  • Country: Spain
  • Job: Student
  • Here for: Gathering and sharing of Hentai Pictures and images. May as well someday share some CG of several eroges I finished...
  • Favorite Sex categories: Does "hentai" ring any bell to you?
  • Favorite ideal sex partner: Pretty much non-existent, so I wont bother describing
  • My Erogenic Zones: Oh, come on, seriously?
  • Turn ons: Colored-hairs (Red, pink, blue or blonde), Yuri, Tentacle, Young-ish/Adult characters (16-26), Glasses, Shaved genitalia, Mischievous/perverted/innocent looks and some kinds of Ahegao, just to name a few... *TL;DR*: vanilla well drawn uncensored pics
  • Turn offs: Yaoi, Too Old characters (+40/50), hairy genitalia (like, reaaaaally hairy), scat and watersports, furry and/or bestiality (nekomimis don't count), pregnancy, censorship, etc...
  • Interested: Girls

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